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Installs supports your sales efforts with unmatched installation services, and those services are supported by unmatched technology.

The Installs operating and communication systems, including our proprietary Digital Online Interface (DOLI*) system, were developed and are continually enhanced by our in-house technology team. We react immediately to the receipt of an order at our headquarters by phone or any electronic media. Utilizing highly trained, multilingual call center customer representatives, as well as an efficient computerized warehouse, orders from all over America are processed seven days a week. We employ a full array of standard API’s through web services to offer simple integration with your systems, or find a way to make the integration work.

Our systems have been deployed by some of the most famous brands in thousands of stores to offer real-time appointment scheduling, as well as status feedback on service events. Events and schedules are then assigned to the appropriate technicians, optimally prioritized by technician skill, quality and location.

Whether scheduling real time at the point of sale, offline phone channels, or customer self-service online scheduling, we leverage our systems to create the customized service experience that meets your program objectives and your customers’ preferences.

DOLI -- The system that keeps us connected.

Installs’ proprietary, browser-based communication system, DOLI, allows instantaneous communication of new orders, escalations, completions and reporting between Installs, our clients and our technicians.

This customized suite of software produces has proven to provide the best possible work schedule planning. It also maintains the most efficient schedule as circumstances change, and allows us to immediately review implementation, as well as identify potential for improvement.

DOLI is unmatched in the industry. It is an important reason why your Installs connection brings you unmatched benefits.

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