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Our In-Home and Onsite Technology Services so trusted by many are now available as Remote Premium Technical Support Services!

Installs now offers our indusrtry leading in-home and on-site computing oriented services via remote deployment.  We have partnered with iTOK to utilize their proprietary platform for the delivery of all Premium Technical Support Services through our America-based contact centers. 

Our entire menu of services, from those utilized in conjunction with a newly purchased device, to those utilized for repair, is available to address your customers' needs.  Installs offers a full suite of remotely-delivered services, including one-time events and monthly subscription-based services.

Subscription services can be dedicated to one unique computer, or can be structured as "whole-home" support plans to address all of the electronics in a customer's home. Basic and Premium levels of subscription services are designed to address the specific appetites and needs of a broad spectrum of customers.

With the addition of our remote capability, Installs has a full complement of services to address the vast spectrum of customer desires, from those who desire the comfort of a technician dispatched directly to their home to the convenience of a phone call or chat session adminstered remotely.

Talk to us about any of our needs-based services including:

  • PC Optimization and Tune-Up'
  • Antivirus/Malware
  • Data Transfer and Cloud-Based Data Backup and Storage
  • Wireless Networking
  • PC Diagnostic, Triage and Repair
  • PC Orientation and Training Services
  • Application Loading and Operating System Installations and Upgrades
  • Device Find and Lock

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