About Installs

When your customers purchase a product or system that requires delivery, installation or service, your bottom line and customer loyalty depend on their positive experiences from start to finish. Installs offers the end-use, on-premise services required to bridge the gap between sale and usability. Our proprietary job management system provides the seamless scheduling, quality control and reporting metrics your business relies on.

When you partner with Installs, you handle the sale and we’ll handle the rest. We’re dedicated to providing the end-use, on-premise services your customers need, allowing you to focus on the core revenue drivers for your business.

The Story of Installs

In 1993, Installs saw a void in the major consumer product industry, and created a solution to fulfill it. Retailers were great at selling products, but struggled to keep up with the installation and service demands that came with these sales. Installs created a solution to bridge that gap.

At its genesis, Installs focused on residential digital broadcast satellite installations, creating long-standing partners with major brands such as Best Buy, Circuit City, Sears and DirectTV. Just as the world of consumer products has evolved in the last 25 years, so has Installs.

Our focus remains the same - to use our network of trusted independent contractors together with our proprietary software and processes to bridge the gap between retail sales and end-use readiness.

Installs’ experience and proven success, together with exceptional organization and job management systems, have led us to create exceptional, enterprise level service programs with some of the nation’s largest and most trusted product and service retailers. From Best Buy and Sam’s Club to Lowes and Costco, Installs has continued to grow and leverage our vast expertise and service provider network to provide a growing list of delivery, installation, assembly and professional services to our clients and their customers.

As our clients continue to expand their own offerings, Installs continues to evolve and adapt to the meet those demands and beyond. In the last 25 years, we have evolved from a company with a specialty in residential satellite installation to a company that provides a vast array of delivery and on-premise services.

What doesn’t Installs do? Disappoint. From the beginning, we have always focused on delivering customer satisfaction and loyalty. What can Installs do for you and your customers?