The DOLI Platform

Digital Online Interface

Our proprietary job management system, Digital Online Interface (DOLI), is how Installs provides seamless job management and visibility to each and every service event we perform.

DOLI bridges the gap between sales and service events. Integrated service event scheduling, real time status updates, complete visibility to the lifecycle of a service event, DOLI is the platform that that provides a cure to the information divide often found on other service programs. Beyond simple information sharing, It is the hub and brain of our service event management.

Service Manager

When customers purchase services, particularly those that are tied to a product purchase, fast delivery and user-readiness are crucial to satisfaction. With simple APIs and web services, DOLI Service Manager can directly and easily integrate with your sale mechanism, whether register-based or ecommerce-based, so that you can offer service appointment bookings as part of the sale.

If your systems are not integration-capable, Service Manager can be deployed as a portal directly in retail locations, call centers, and ecommerce platforms for order entry and placement by your teams.

Service Manager handles the service event scheduling, and accepts order transmittals in all forms, including fax and email.

Servicer Management Tool (SMT)

SMT provides complete visibility and tracking of servicer provider activity to both our servicer network and our internal field management teams.

SMT allows for effective and efficient management of service providers, including new servicer on-boarding and ongoing compliance, servicer crew schedule management, skill updates and changes, and metric reporting.

Client View

You and your team are never left in the dark when it comes to customers’ service events. We provide to you the same information as our service providers and our own customer service representatives. You can access any service appointment at any time to view real-time statuses and send communications directly to us. Should something occur that requires immediate attention, you can raise an escalation for immediate action by our team.

DOLI Mobile

In The Moment Information, For The Entire Event

On the day of service, nothing bridges the gap better than DOLI Mobile. Servicers provide in-the-moment updates to event-specific activity such as product pickup, when en route, pre-call completion, onsite notification and event complete status, giving you the real-time information you rely on. DOLI Mobile allows for electronic customer signatures, photo uploads and virtual event close-outs.

DOLI Mobile seamlessly provides these updates to DOLI for complete visibility by your customers and your sales and operations teams.

With DOLI and DOLI Mobile, we bridge the information divide between the sale of the service and the provision of the service with a complete view for all stakeholders.