How We Manage

Where Can You Find Installs Service Providers?

Every zip code in America. We’ve curated a network of thousands of active, highly skilled service providers with an impressive depth of field across all service categories and capabilities. We are continually balancing and sizing our network to match the current and forecasted demand. Additionally, we maintain relationships and capacity to adequately handle short-term, burst programs when they arise, ensuring that our clients are never left without support. We have multiple on-premise delivery solutions to support your supply chain model.

Installs utilizes a unique blend of systems, process, metrics and oversight to actively manage our service providers. We are not a marketplace. We interact directly with our servicer teams to ensure quality service across each and every event.

Net Promoter Score


Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a vital metric of customer loyalty, and the most comprehensive and stringent metric on service quality and customer experience management.

NPS is our key guiding metric in upholding and protecting your brand’s promise through our service delivery. Through NPS, we are able to assess who provides best-in-class service and allocate service events accordingly. Analysis of promoters and detractors allows us to determine exactly where we’re succeeding and where there may be improvement opportunities.

Through appropriate survey design, we can also work collaboratively with you to understand the key customer journey touchpoints, and improve the experience throughout the transactional life cycle.

This translates into repeat purchase visits, greater revenue generation and larger lifetime value of your customers.

Vetting Process

Our extensive vetting process focuses on event-specific capabilities. Every aspect of the service provider management lifecycle is managed and administered internally - we leave nothing to be outsourced.


Our dedicated recruiting staff utilizes a mutual-benefit approach to identify interested servicers to funnel into the vetting stage. We make sure it’s a good match on both sides before moving forward.

Vetting & Onboarding

A detailed assessment is performed to understand a service provider’s capabilities and staff composition. The onboarding process includes an extensive background check process and integration to the Installs process.

Trust But Verify

Once on-boarded, we take a step-by-step approach to activation. This includes store visits (where applicable), limited event assignments to ensure compliance, service provider feedback, field manager ride-behinds and more.

Active Management

We provide continuous feedback to our service provider network through performance metrics such as Net Promoter Score results. Our field relations team interacts proactively to provide continuous improvement feedback.