Consumer Electronics

Installs offers a nationwide capability across a comprehensive array of television, home theater and other consumer electronics services. Installs can build a comprehensive service program for you and your customers. From the simple to the complex, we have the service capability to achieve your strategy - including delivery.

We can also make required adjustments or other enhancements to the site for optimal installation, including wall reinforcements, modifications for over-fireplace installations, lighting control, light switch or other electrical modifications, making us a one-stop-shop for delivery and installation of consumer electronics.

Simple Television Delivery

If delivery-only services are needed, our servicers are ready. Our team can pick up the TV from your location and deliver to the customer’s room of choice.

Basic Television Setup

Our servicers unpack the television, set it up on a stand or in an entertainment center, and connect the components, eliminating installation issues for the customer.

On-Wall Installation Services

From basic to complex, our servicers can handle all levels of on-wall installation, including replacing mounts, over-the-fireplace installation and outlet relocation.

Television WiFi & App Configuration

Once a TV is installed, our team of professionals will configure WiFi and Smart TV applications, simplifying installation for the customer.

Outlet Relocation Services

If necessary, our skilled team can relocate the electrical outlet behind the TV, creating an overall seamless look and feel and adding to overall customer satisfaction.

Projector & Projector Screen Installation

From simple to complex, our skilled servicers can streamline projector and projector screen installation, ensuring proper function and end-use readiness.

Home Theater & Speaker Installation & Configuration

Our servicer network is skilled in the art of home theater and speaker installation and configuration, from a two-speaker system to a whole room setup and configuration.

Soundbar Installation & Configuration

Our skilled team can install an existing or new unit to perform with the rest of the existing system, providing a seamless customer experience.

Programmable Remote Control Setup

From a simple, traditional remote to a complex new learning remote, we have a team to resolve the installation challenge, eliminating customer inconvenience.

Outdoor Audio

We have skilled technicians who specialize in outdoor audio equipment installation. From simple to complex, our team can solve installation challenges.

Media Server Connection & Configuration

We have a skilled team to resolve any simple or involved media server connection and configuration, eliminating hassles on the customer’s end.

Gaming Console Setup

Our skilled team of servicers are ready to set up gaming consoles of all types, eliminating the guesswork and challenge for the customer.

Internet TV Device Setup

From very simple setups to extremely complex systems, our skilled servicers are able to deliver user-ready internet TV devices to your customers.

Custom Installation Consultations

If recommendations are needed for custom work, our servicer network can provide an in-person consultation to your customer.


Simple hookup services involve basic connections to consumer electronics and appliances, such as a TV on a stand or entertainment center. These hookup services can also be applied to pre-existing connections, such as a refrigerator waterline or simple laundry connections.


Complex installation services involve more invasive activities such as the penetration of walls for wire concealment or hard connections to utilities such as water, electrical and gas. Often, permits and licensed trades are required. Installs has the network and capabilities to successfully perform these services.


Value-added professional services are those that range in difficulty from handyman jobs to licensed trades, but may or may not be part of a product sale. Professional services run the spectrum from leaky faucet repair to installation of GFI circuit with outlets and breakers. We are continually expanding the spectrum of services provided.