Personal Computing

If you are looking to create a regional or national program for on-premise computing services, Installs has a national network of skilled service providers to help fulfill your customer strategy. From simple wireless network configuration to software and hardware installation and everything in between, we have the comprehensive service offering and solution that you need.

Onsite Wireless Network Setup

Whether it’s a simple router connection or an entire onsite wireless network configuration, our servicers are prepared to complete the setup.

Software Installation

Our servicers are capable of installing most new softwares, as well as assisting with upgrades of existing softwares.

Hardware Installation

Our servicers are fully capable and qualified to resolve simple or complex hardware installation issues.

Malware & Spyware Removal

To prevent unintended software from harming a device, one of our servicers will remove malware and spyware to keep the computer running at its peak performance.

Antivirus Installation & Configuration

To keep the device running at its optimal performance, one of our skilled servicers can install and configure antivirus software to prevent future issues.

Wireless Printer Installation & Configuration

To allow printing access from anywhere on-site, one of our servicers can install and configure all makes and models of wireless printers.

Wireless Network Extenders & Repeaters

Our skilled servicers have expertise in wireless network management and can install extenders and repeaters, as needed, to maintain optimal performance of the network.

Media Server Connection & Configuration

To resolve a simple or involved media server connection and configuration, we can call on one of our skilled teams to complete the installation.

Onsite PC Optimization Services

Our servicers are skilled in onsite PC optimization services and strategies to keep a computer running at its best performance level.

Gaming Console Setup

Our skilled team of servicers are ready to set up gaming consoles of all types, eliminating the guesswork and challenge for the customer.

Internet TV Device Setup

From very simple setups to extremely complex systems, our servicers are able to deliver user-ready internet TV devices to your customers.

Troubleshooting Services

When troubleshooting is necessary, our skilled computer professionals are qualified to help identify and resolve any performance issues, regardless of complexity.

Wireless Camera Installations & Wireless Peripherals

Our servicers will come onsite to install and configure wireless cameras and other peripherals in order to minimize any confusion on the part of the customer.

Onsite Consultations For Custom Installations

Our servicers can make recommendations for custom work. Whether it’s an installation in one room, or an installation in a whole house, we have a servicer to complete it.


Simple hookup services involve basic connections to consumer electronics and appliances, such as a TV on a stand or entertainment center. These hookup services can also be applied to pre-existing connections, such as a refrigerator waterline or simple laundry connections.


Complex installation services involve more invasive activities such as the penetration of walls for wire concealment or hard connections to utilities such as water, electrical and gas. Often, permits and licensed trades are required. Installs has the network and capabilities to successfully perform these services.


Value-added professional services are those that range in difficulty from handyman jobs to licensed trades, but may or may not be part of a product sale. Professional services run the spectrum from leaky faucet repair to installation of GFI circuit with outlets and breakers. We are continually expanding the spectrum of services provided.