Professional Plumbing

Installs’ service provider network can handle a wide array of plumbing services, from simple handyman services to more complex, licensed services requiring permits. Whether in conjunction with an adjacent program, such as appliance installation, or a stand-alone program focused on plumbing only, we can create a custom plumbing service program that fits your needs.

Faucet & Toilet Replacement

Our team of skilled servicers is ready to handle the replacement of all basic plumbing items for your customers, from faucets to toilets and everything between.

Leaky Faucet Repair

Whether adjacent to an existing installation service, or a stand-alone service, we can dispatch the best team to identify and solve the problem.

Shower Head & Faucet Replacement

To swap out a shower head and/or faucet, we have a team of highly skilled plumbing servicers ready to eliminate these pesky chores for your customers.

Clogged Drain Resolution

Our team of plumbing servicers are experienced in the complexities of clogged drain resolution, whether simple or complex.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

We will remove the old unit, install the new unit and ensure the new unit works properly before leaving the customer’s premises.

Water Shut-Off Valve Replacement

If a new shut-off valve is necessary, our team of highly skilled plumbing servicers will replace the existing valve and ensure no leaks exist.

LP Gas Conversions

We install all types of LP kits to handle the fuel output at the customer’s premises. This includes swapping out orifices, testing for leaks and unit demonstrations.

Water Heater Replacement

Our national network of plumbing servicers are capable of replacing hot water tanks for your customers, including checking for leaks and lighting the pilot.

Water Softener Installation / Replacement

Our well-trained plumbing servicers are skilled in the service of water softener installation and replacement.

Sump Pump Replacement

Our skilled plumbing servicers are trained to react to the urgency needed when replacing a sump pump. They will quickly replace the unit and quality-test the new one.

Permitting & Skilled Trades

Whether purchase-adjacent or stand-alone, our network can handle an array of plumbing services, from simple handyman jobs to complex, licensed services requiring permits.


Simple hookup services involve basic connections to consumer electronics and appliances, such as a TV on a stand or entertainment center. These hookup services can also be applied to pre-existing connections, such as a refrigerator waterline or simple laundry connections.


Complex installation services involve more invasive activities such as the penetration of walls for wire concealment or hard connections to utilities such as water, electrical and gas. Often, permits and licensed trades are required. Installs has the network and capabilities to successfully perform these services.


Value-added professional services are those that range in difficulty from handyman jobs to licensed trades, but may or may not be part of a product sale. Professional services run the spectrum from leaky faucet repair to installation of GFI circuit with outlets and breakers. We are continually expanding the spectrum of services provided.