Smart Home

Whether you’re an original device manufacturer selling direct or a retailer with a product suite in need of a full service device installation and configuration program, Installs has a comprehensive solution. Our service provider network can handle not only single device installation and configuration, but also resolve multiple device interoperability challenges.

Our network of experienced, skilled service providers are capable of handling all of your smart home program needs including electrical services where and when required, and can provide on-premise customer consultations.

Network-Enabled Thermostats

Our professional network of servicers is highly skilled in the installation of network-enabled thermostats and configuration to the network.

Network-Enabled doorbells

Our skilled servicers can install network-enabled doorbells without difficulty. Our servicers will also give a brief tutorial on the newly installed device.

Network-Enabled Door Locks & Sensors

Our network of skilled servicers is qualified in the installation of network-enabled door locks and door sensors, and ensuring end-use readiness.

Network-Enabled Garage Door Openers

Our servicers are skilled in the installation of network-enabled garage door openers, and will provide customers with an orientation on operation.

Network-Enabled Cameras

From single camera to a complete camera system with hub, our skilled servicers can handle the installation and orientation to the customer.

Water Leak Monitors

Our servicers are ready and able to use their expertise to assist in water leak monitor installation to help protect the premises from water damage.

Sprinkler Control

With our network of skilled servicers, it’s easy to install a network-enabled sprinkler control system, ensuring maximum control over the system.

Smart Lighting & Bulb Devices

Our network includes capable servicers who are well-versed in the installation of smart lighting systems, from single bulbs to complex systems.

Internet TV Device Setup

From very simple setups to extremely complex systems, our skilled servicers are able to deliver user-ready internet TV devices to your customers.

Network Hub Setup

To resolve a simple or involved network hub set up, one of our skilled service teams can complete the installation and eliminate customer confusion.

Smart Appliance Connection & Configuration

Once a smart appliance is installed, our highly skilled professionals will help the customer connect and configure the smart appliance for optimal performance.


Simple hookup services involve basic connections to consumer electronics and appliances, such as a TV on a stand or entertainment center. These hookup services can also be applied to pre-existing connections, such as a refrigerator waterline or simple laundry connections.


Complex installation services involve more invasive activities such as the penetration of walls for wire concealment or hard connections to utilities such as water, electrical and gas. Often, permits and licensed trades are required. Installs has the network and capabilities to successfully perform these services.


Value-added professional services are those that range in difficulty from handyman jobs to licensed trades, but may or may not be part of a product sale. Professional services run the spectrum from leaky faucet repair to installation of GFI circuit with outlets and breakers. We are continually expanding the spectrum of services provided.